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Natural Gas Training

Covers the key aspects of a gas pipeline conceptual design from gas properties, equation-of-states, thermohydraulic simulation, definition of the best pipeline configuration, equipment selection, failure analysis, availability analysis and feasibility study with hands on training. Uses GasPipelineDesign Suite and another international simulator.

Train and improve knowledge basis on natural gas transportation by pipeline. It highlights the key factors of this transportation modal and its main components that allow calculating the gas transportation rate or tariff. It covers gas transmission pipelines technology, equipment (centrifugal compressor and gas turbines), operational and economic aspects. Enables participants to understand the main variables used for the calculation and their sensitivity, that are key for the feasibility of a gas pipeline Project. Covers availability of the pipeline compression system using Monte Carlo and Thermohydraulic simulations. Also presents a brief review of statistics and financing mathematics. Case studies are presented as class exercises.

  • This course can be performed online or at Client's office.

Required Background

Fundamentals of transport phenomena.

Technical Aspects

Technology of natural gas transmission pipelines; Hydraulic design; Mechanical design based on ASME B31.8; Design and performance of compressor station; Sensitivity of design variables; Expansion of transportation capacity: Pipeline loops versus compression stations installation; Availability analysis of the pipeline compression system; Feasibility study. Includes modelling the installation and uses Monte Carlo Simulation and OREDA database.

Feasibility Study for Centrifugal Compressor Selection
DCC: Dual Compartment Compressor
SCC: Single Compartment Compressor

Trans Asia Pipeline: 2 x 42”, X-70, 1307 km – 40 BCMY – 7.3 Billion US$
Start up: December 12, 2009

Beineu-Bosoi-Shimkent: 1 x 42”, X-70, 1475 km – 10 BCMY – 3 Billion US$
Start up: 2013

Gasbol: 32”x1813; 24”x587; 20”x263; 18”x172;16”x231 km, X-70 – 11 BCMY – 1.7 Billion US$
Start up: July, 1999

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