Gas​Pipeline​Design Suite

A set of intelligent apps for gas pipeline design, optimization and feasibility analysis, promoting worldwide real time collaborative work in your organization.

GasPipelineDesign Suite

At Work Rio Solutions Ltda. is a company focused in developing innovative mobile technology to optimize and speed up the design process of gas pipelines and compressor stations by mobile applications running - through the Cloud - with limitless processing power and ensuring high level of safety on your computer, phone or tablet. At Work Rio mission is “To develop technological solutions that support the best business decision of the client”.

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  • Siemens Energy

    Siemens extensively tested At Work Rio Solution’s GasPipelineDesign Suite while developing collaborative solutions with customers’ gas pipeline projects. Results were used to select Siemens gas turbines and compressors that are optimally sized for the application. The program’s features, speed, user interface and accurate results are quite impressive. Siemens’ high quality standards are fully addressed.

    Thomas Diedrich, Head of Proposals, Americas, Siemens Energy Inc., Power and Gas Division. - February 2018

    IHRDC is delighted to be able to incorporate At Work Rio’s very impressive GasPipelineDesign Suite software into the simulation sessions of our oil and gas management programs. It will add the full reality of gas pipeline design options to the participant’s learning experience.

    Dr. David Donohue, IHRDC President, 2017.
  • Geogas

    We, Valerus and Geogas are very satisfied with At Work Rio’s expertise and quick response. At Work Rio has provided consultancy services on gas pipeline, compressor station, feasibility studies, thermohydraulic simulations, dimensioning studies, availability studies and failure analysis, and technical and economic evaluations on several related projects.

    Dr. Paulo Lopes Cunha, Country Manager, 2013.
  • Solar Turbines

    We, Solar Turbines, are very satisfied with At Work Rio’s technical expertise and quick response. Solar Europe certifies that At Work Rio has provided consulting service on gas pipeline and compressor station conceptual design, feasibility studies, thermohydraulic simulations, technical and economic evaluations in general for such activities.

    Dr. Eric Carlos, Oil & Gas Director, 2012.
  • KazTransGas

    At Work Rio performance as a consulting company for the Kazakhstan-China Gas Pipeline project was marked by professionalism, objectivity and impeccable reputation of its professionals… At Work Rio proved convincedly to all stakeholders of the correctness of its proposed technological solutions, including methods of calculation, based on which significant changes have been made at key parameters of the project.

    Dr. Pavel V. Klimov, ICA Deputy Director, 2010.
  • Odebrecht

    We are very pleased with GasPipelineDesign software that allows us to perform case studies during front end planning process. Its web based user-friendly interface enables us to access from anywhere with an internet connection, and simulate different scenarios with just a few clicks, which in the end is aligned with our commitment in satisfying our client’s needs through innovative solutions.

    Gilberto Yoshida, Engineering Manager at Odebrecht Engineering & Construction International México, 2017.



Software for gas pipeline & compressor station feasibility studies. Reduces required engineering process time that is normally spent during the design phase of a gas pipeline project, saving resources and optimizing the decision making process. It is easy-to-use and does not require any training. Runs simultaneous thermohydraulic simulations and identifies the five (5) best nominal diameters for the pipeline project under analysis and allocates compressor stations sequentially.

  • Thermohydraulic Simulation in steady state
  • Single or double pipelines (in parallel)
  • Required compressor station quantity and spacing
  • Fuel Gas & Energy demand for each compressor station
  • Cost Assessment
  • Economic Evaluation
  • CAPEX and OPEX
  • Selection of the five (5) best alternatives
  • J-Curves to help selecting the best economic alternative for the project
  • GIS Route on-screen visualization and KML export (to Google Earth)
  • Executive Summary, Technical Report and thermohydraulic model exports
  • Interactive thermohydraulic and economic simulation graphs



Software for analysing pipeline design and performance. Hydraulic modeling for pipeline design, optimization and economic analysis. Incorporates detailed information to the thermohydraulic model in addition to what is required - and created - by GasPipelineDesign. From design phase and along the operation years of the gas pipeline all changes and equipment additions can be easily included in the model, maintaining it updated.

  • Thermohydraulic Simulation in steady state
  • Pipeline Optimization & Compressor Station Optimization
  • Single or double pipelines (loops)
  • Allow multiple gas supplies and gas deliveries points
  • Automatically locates the compressor stations along the pipeline route at optimum locations or at predefined locations
  • Models gas turbine, electric motors and gas motors
  • Models compressor station arrangements
  • Cost Assessment
  • Economic Analysis
  • Availability Analysis with Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Capacity Ramp Up Analysis
  • Compressor Performance
  • Bottleneck Analysis
  • Centrifugal Compressor & Gas Turbine Driver Modeling with Performance Maps
  • GIS Route on-screen visualization with elevation profile and KML export (to Google Earth)
  • Executive Summary, Technical Report and thermohydraulic model exports
  • Interactive on-screen thermohydraulic and economic simulation graphs

Bottleneck Analysis

Bottleneck Analysis

Where transmission or distribution companies see an opportunity to increase the system’s capacity, Bottleneck Analysis module can be used together to provide the best feasible solution for the expansion project, be it construction of a loop pipeline, compressor station(s), or a pipeline interconnection.

  • Identify and calculate bottleneck in sections of the Pipeline
  • Calculate different alternatives for the expansion
  • Economic and cost index comparison
  • Report all different alternatives

System Availability

System Availability

A powerful and flexible module for an availability study that performs Monte Carlo simulations. Compressor unit failures, their frequency and scenarios, are identified and each scenario is thermoshydraulically simulated and its capacity under failure is quantified. The frequency of failures versus capacity under failure will allow the evaluation of the compressor-system availability, and also support decisions on the provision of an adequate level of redundancy (stand-by units) for gas pipelines.

  • Failure and availability analysis for the Gas Compression System
  • Statistical methods and Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Define economic level of redundancy for the Pipeline project
  • Optimize installation of standby Compression Units at the Compressor Stations
  • Realtime on-screen graph partial results calculation

FineTuning and Failure Analysis

Fine​Tuning & Failure Analysis

This module of GasPipelineExpansion is very helpful to incorporate to the pipeline model the actual compressor stations locations as their mileposts are confirmed or changed from field surveys. The user can easily configure and run thermohydraulic simulation for failure analysis setting compressor units’ status to ON, OFF and Standby.

  • Analise and run failure scenarios
  • Show the impact on the Gas Compression System capacity as you turn on/off different Compressor Units

Compressor Station Optimization

Compressor Station Optimization

This module does compressor station optimization and defines the optimum arrangement of compressor units based on the criteria selected by the user be it maximum line pack or lowest fuel demand. It is of key importance for evaluating proposals from equipment vendors and checking the best fit for the station. Reports are easily issued from this module.

  • Models compressor performance curves and drivers
  • Build a compressor station with different compression units
  • Select best arrangement of Compressor Units to be allocated with a required capacity

Capacity RampUp Analysis

Capacity Ramp Up Analysis

New gas pipeline projects generally do not start operation with full capacity and it is necessary to determine the best configuration for compressor stations and compressor units to cope with the capacity ramp-up through the first years of operation, along with the schedule for installation of compressor stations and compressor units. The GasPipelineExpansion approach optimises CAPEX cash flow and makes the project more competitive.

  • Identify optimum installation schedule for the Compressor Station and Compression Units
  • Define transportation capacity curve for the project
  • Optimize Compressor Station CAPEX schedule

Compressor Performance Test

Compressor Performance Test

This application supports compressor field test by taking field readings of process variables such as suction and discharge pressure, suction and discharge temperatures, flow and gas composition and performs isentropic calculations based on BWRS, RK, SRK, PR, PR-LK equations of state and compare design efficiency against actual efficiency. The incremental fuel / energy demand is economically evaluated to support the decision on the best moment to do maintenance intervention.

  • Actual efficiency of an existing compressor unit
  • Incremental operating cost due to efficiency reduction along the operation hours
  • Entropy and Enthalpy of the gas stream based on its composition
  • Interactive on-screen graph for operation points
  • Design point and other operating points can be easily checked and reported
  • Actual efficiency and consumption of an existing driver unit
  • Interface for modeling and combining different compressor/driver models for optimal result


Compressor Station Design

Models a compressor station with its compressor units and all key variables necessary to design a compressor unit and produce a datasheet to email to Vendors to select the equipment.

  • Gas Compressor Requirements
  • Actual Flow, Head, Power
  • Fuel Gas & Energy Consumption
  • Aftercoolers
  • PDF Reports ready to be sent to manufacturers
  • Fast & Simple!


CO2 Pipeline & 2-Phase Pipeline

Helps designing carbon dioxide and multiphase pipeline transportation of natural gas and CO2.

  • Most important Equations-Of-State
  • Mechanical design
  • Thermohydraulics for CO2 flow and Multiphase flow
  • Equipment pre-selection
  • Cost assessement



Assess required transportation rate for a transmission pipeline based on economic and technical assumptions and considering the financing architecture for the project.

  • Technical and Economic assumptions
  • Gas pipeline cost assessment
  • Financing architecture
  • Covered ratios
  • Cost management

Gas Compressor Free
for iOS and Android

A versatile and practical application that helps engineers and technicians to calculate gas compressor requirements such as actual flow, head and power and produce output reports to be sent to (i) other professionals to exchange opinions on how understand and solve operational problems or to (ii) manufacturers to speed up the process of technical discussions along the buying process of a compressor. Compressor is also a helping tool to engineering and technical students to familiarizing with gas compression process.

  • Fuel/Energy Demand
  • Polytropic Efficiency
  • Heat Rate
  • Air Cooler Design
  • Equation of State & Gas Composition
  • Full on-screen PDF Report
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  • Get it on Google Play

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A collection of papers published in international conferences are an example of the expertise acquired by At Work Rio along more than 25 years of professional activities in the gas business chain.

View Papers

Pipelines International
Real-time demand for a gas pipeline design: dealing with modern challenges (part 1)
Real-time demand for a gas pipeline design (part 2)

Pipeline & Gas Journal
Basic Guide to pipeline Compressor Stations, June 2008; Transient Simulations During Gas Pipeline Design Saves on Latter Costs, January 2008; Compressor Station Design Criteria, June 2007

The development of a natural gas logistics management system - Energy Policy 2011, vol. 39, issue 9, pages 4774-4784

Optimizing Compressor Station Design, May 2008; Managing Compressor Station Availability, September 2007 - Pipeline & Gas Technology

Our Services

We provide services to companies that includes training courses on gas pipeline and compressor station design, feasibility studies, availability studies for gas compression and natural gas processing plant, thermohydraulic simulation and quantitative risk analysis. Please contact us for more details.

  • Training Courses

    Gas pipeline and compressor station design and feasibility analysis covering key aspects of the design and optimization process. This course can be performed online or at Client's office.

    See details
  • Feasibility Studies

    Technical and economic studies to identify the best configuration of a gas pipeline project. Indicates the nominal diameter, quantity of compressor stations, pre-selection of equipment, capacity ramp up and installation schedule of the equipment.

  • Compressor Station Optimization Studies

    Technical and economic studies based on the thermohydraulic analysis in steady and transient states of a compressor station identifying the necessary changes to improve operational efficiency.

  • Availability Study

    Uses Monte Carlo Simulation and Thermohydraulic Simulation with compressor units failure analysis to identify the availability of a gas pipeline compression system with and without stand-by compressor units. This technic is of key importance to identify the firm capacity of a gas pipeline and to indicate the feasible redundancy level to be adopted and the required CAPEX to improve gas transportation capacity.

  • Thermohydraulic Simulations in Steady and Transient States

    Includes gas pipeline and compressor station modeling, compressor and gas turbine modeling, bottleneck studies and optimization.

  • Quantitative risk analysis

    This technic helps mitigate project economic risks due to uncertainties of some key important activities of a project such as CAPEX, OPEX, construction schedule, transmission capacity and other aspects.

Main Projects

  • Conceptual Design
  • Bolívia-Brasil Gas Pipeline — Petrobras, Brazil, 1997
  • Integration Gas Pipeline — Petrobras, Brazil, 2002
  • South East - North East Gas Pipeline — Petrobras, Brazil, 2003
  • Venezuela Brasil Gas Pipeline — Petrobras/PDVESA, Brazil, 2007
  • Trans Asia Gas Pipepine — KTG/ICA, Kazakhstan, 2009
  • Beineu - Shymkent Gas Pipeline — KTG/ICA, Kazakhstan, 2010

  • Feasibility and Availability Studies
  • Malvinas Compressor Station — Odebrecht, Peru, 2014
  • Parnaíba Gas Processing Plant — Geogas, Brazil, 2014