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Training Courses

Gas pipeline and compressor station design and feasibility analysis covering key aspects of the design and optimization process; AWRS softwares training. These courses can be performed online or at Client's office.


Technical and economic studies to identify the best configuration of a gas pipeline project. Indicates the nominal diameter, quantity of compressor stations, pre-selection of equipment, capacity ramp up and installation schedule of the equipment and transportation rate calculation.


PlantR&A®Technical and economic studies based on equipment performance, cost assessment, selection of units and thermohydraulic analysis of a compressor station identifying the necessary changes to improve operational efficiency.


Thermohydraulic simulations in Steady and Transient States. Includes gas pipeline and compressor station modeling, compressor and gas turbine modeling, bottleneck studies and optimization.

Risk Analysis

This technic helps mitigate project economic risks due to uncertainties of some key important activities of a project such as CAPEX, OPEX, construction schedule, transmission capacity and other aspects. Uses Monte Carlo simulation and statistics distributions.

Reliability and

PlantR&A® Uses PlantR&A with Monte Carlo Simulation to identify the availability of a gas pipeline compression system with and without stand-by compressor units. This technic is of key importance to identify the firm capacity of a gas pipeline and to indicate the feasible redundancy level to be adopted and the required CAPEX to improve gas transportation capacity. Also covers industrial plants in general.

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